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Amy West presents her first solo exhibition with RiverStones, in New York at the R|R Gallery from November 20 - January 6

RiverStones inspiration

This exciting exhibition of glass includes vessels and jewelry from Amy West's most recent body of work, entitled RiverStones. The work is inspired by the river Ardo, tributary to the Piave river in the Veneto. West describes the river as a source of peace, relaxation and inspiration. The light of the river, the movement of the current, the color of the rocks, and the beauty of the tumbled stones are all cited as inspiration. West says "The river is alive, and it makes its presence known to those paying attention." While comforting however, the river's constancy and strength is accompanied by dramatic change and shift. All of these expressions from the river are seen by West as metaphors for how we are tumbled and shaped by life, hopefully to come out of our personal experiences as rounded and smooth as the stones of the riverbed.

West says, "These pieces - vessels and jewelry - are refections of the colors, the light, the shapes and forms that have filled my mind since before this collection started forming five years ago."

West's process begins with loose sketches, and then vessels are blown by hand of traditional Murano glass. For the RiverStones Collection, glass from the studio of Pino Signoretto was used. In some cases, once a vessel was blown and shaped, a kind of "Calcedonia" (multi-colored striation effect) is swirled around the vessel, to reflect the movement of the water, and dynamics of its flow. In other cases, the glass colors are actually combined during the glass gathering, and swirled in the blowing process.

Battuto work on glass

After tempering, West begins the process of carving and cutting to texture and sculpt the glass. West specializes in Battuto (literally meaning "beaten" in Italian), the Murano style of cold-working glass, using diamond and stone wheels, to add detail, surface and texture that cannot be achieved in hot glass. This process can be very involved, and can extend to ten, twenty, or more stages of wheels, texturing and polishing. The goal, as West describes it, is to "...create highlights and deep reliefs, but leave room for voice and flow in the glass..." The results are spectacular, with final, beautiful and sophisticated textures speaking of age, life experience and balance

The exhibition, RiverStones, is not only about vessels, but has a distinct focus on jewelry. West's jewelry for RiverStones, is derived from the same materials, processes and inspiration, but is created to be personal. West describes her jewelry as "...of the most intimate in forms of assertion and sensitivity." For this collection, glass beads are formed in a range of shapes and colors, and hand-worked, into dynamic, bold, and exquisite necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

RiverStones Collection Jewelry The exhibition, Amy West:RiverStones, will also include large projections of her work, sketches, photographs of Murano, and the Ardo River, the inspiration for this exciting body of work.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Amy West has studied, worked and lived on four continents. Her work draws on her vast experiences in cultures from around the world, and expresses a vision that is truly her own. Prior to arriving in New York for this exhibition, some of West's current work was on display at the Palazzo da Mula, in - Gruppo 30141 Murano, an exhibition recognizing Glass Masters of Murano. In the summer of 2015, she will be an artist in residence at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York.

Amy West: RiverStones:Glass Vessels and Jewelry from Murano, Italy – November 20, 2014 - January 6, 2015!

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