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Born and raised in the Midwestern part of the United States, Amy West, has studied, worked and lived on four continents. After 20 years as an international communications professional she left behind a successful corporate life to pursue her passion for the art and beauty of Venetian glass.

Specializing in the traditional engraving and carving of Murano glass, Amy brings a contemporary touch to a traditional craft. Working hot glass at the torch allows her to bring her own contemporary expression and sensibilities to the form, color and light of her glass beads,rings and necklaces. The more comfortable glass becomes as a medium, the more it reveals it's possibilities in design, lighting and technique innovation.

Merging other areas of creativity and artistic interests, Amy draws on her vast experiences in cultures from around the world, bringing a unique style that is truly her own.

Custom Calligraphy Certificate of Authenticity
Amy West's desk


Battuto, literally meaning 'beaten' in Italian. It is a style of cold-working glass using diamond and stone wheels on a lathe to sculpt and bring texture to the surface of glass.  This work can also include modifying the shapes of objects, adding refined detail and texture that cannot be achieved in hot glass.

Amy West creates a glass piece using the Battuto method


Amy's diverse interests and research manifests in her creations and collections. With a concept in mind she molds glass beads at the torch in a manner that brings color to the surface, catches and diffuses light through layers of glass to reveal the anima of an encased bead. Her inspiration has been absorbed from the stories and lives of artists, historical sources as well as impressions from nature that seek expression. Her jewelry is of the most intimate in forms of assertion and sensitivity, not limited to the feminine world.

Amy West glass jewellery designs


Engraving, incising and cutting into the surface of tempered glass has fascinated Amy from a young age. She is captivated by light and how it can be transformed by refractions and reflections in a smooth stone cut to create images. Through traditional wheel engraving, obtained with stone, diamond or copper wheel incisions Amy applies texture and shading to add dimension, perspective and richness to her work. Drawing heavily on historical design and organic influences she creates designs that are as elegant as they are delightful.

Amy West engraves an image onto a glass flute