Amy West Design


Amy West Design
trunk show at ICI Venice
8-23 February, 2020

At the moment of the Venice Carnaval, ICI VENICE is glad to re-open with a Trunk Show of Amy West Design, presenting her collection of dazzling glass-bead jewelry & blown glass pieces.
ICI VENICE - Magazino del Caffe.
Gallery Opening Reception 7 Feb 17:00
Fri-Sat-Sun 10/12:30 - 13:30/18 and by appointement
Rio Marin - Campo San Simeon Grando
Santa Croce 923 - Venezia
+39 041 72 05 07


Amy West Design trunk show
4 January, 2020

Amy West, American glass artist based on the Venetian island of Murano will be at Alma-s on Saturday January 4 with her collection on dazzling glass-bead jewelry and blown glass pieces. Please join us for this one-day celebration brought to you by The Glass Spot and Alma's RVA
224 W Brookland Park Blvd. Richmond, VA, 23222
804 -269-3973 |

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Featured Lecturer in the Joanna Bird presents Art, Form and Function
30 October - 30 November 2019

Joanna Bird Contemporary Arts 25th anniversary exhibition: Art, Form and Function. Amy West, featured lecturer, 13 November 2019.
19 Grove Park Terrace, London, W4 3QE
0208 995 9960 |

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The Venice Glass Week 2019
7-15 September 2019

"Fragile Correspondence" is an exhibition of individual and collaborative artworks created through a dialog in glass between artist Róisín de Buitléar in Ireland and Amy West in Italy.
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8 May - 19 July 2019

Glass engraving for NATHALIE DECOSTER Intime Venice on the occasion of the 2019 Venice Biennale
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Natale di Vetro
24 December 2017 - 7 January 2019

Christmas event in Murano at the Basilica of Saints Mary and Donato, as part of the Murano Viva Association and also in Verona, in Santa Teresa.
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The Venice Glass Week 2018
9-16 September 2018

"Body, Line & Glass" and "Carving Poetry", includes poetry readings and engravings demonstrations.
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GAS Conference 2018
19 May 2018

Engraving demonstration was given by Amy West, during the 2018 annual Glass Art Society Conference, on Saturday, May 19th, at Nason - Moretti furnace on Murano.
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The Magic of Glass, at the Scuola Grande di San Marco
25 April - 31 July 2018

Featured in the Murano Viva exhibition The Magic of Glass at Scuola Grande San Marco
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The world in a Glass Bead
2018, 12 Dec 2017 - 15 April

The Murano Glass Museum bead collection 1820-1890 with a special section featuring today's artists including Amy West
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Amy West featured artist in The Venice Glass Week event
2017, 10-17 September

The art of engraving shown in four themes, The Violets, The Poppies, the Dragons & Wisteria.
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Featured in the Joanna Bird presents Prospero's Charm; Art to Enchant
2016, 21-29 June

Amy West returns from Murano to show her new spring collection of glass jewellery, which can be made to commission for special occasions.
19 Grove Park Terrace, London, W4 3QE
0208 995 9960 |

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Featured in the Joanna Bird presents Merchants and Makers Christmas show
2015, 2-15 December

Following Joanna's trip to Venice earlier this year, Merchants and Makers will be debuting beautiful glass jewellery by Amy West. Using lamp working and traditional wheel engraving techniques, each piece of Amy's work is carefully considered to create sensitive and detailed forms.
19 Grove Park Terrace, London, W4 3QE
0208 995 9960 |

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Engraving Course at Corning Museum School of Glass taught by Amy West
2015, July 27 - August 1

During Summer 2015 West will be traveling stateside to teach a Battuto and Cold Working course in Corning, New York demonstrating about adding texture and dimension to glass after hot working. The use of the traditional wheel engraving and battuto techniques, while applying the use of diamond and stone wheels in the process will be shown.

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Amy West presents her first solo exhibition with RiverStones,
in New York at the R|R Gallery
2014, November 20 - January 6

This exciting exhibition of glass includes vessels and jewelry from Amy West's most recent body of work, entitled RiverStones. The work is inspired by the river Ardo, tributary to the Piave river in the Veneto. West describes the river as a source of peace, relaxation and inspiration. The light of the river, the movement of the current, the color of the rocks, and the beauty of the tumbled stones are all cited as inspiration. West says "The river is alive, and it makes its presence known to those paying attention." While comforting however, the river's constancy and strength is accompanied by dramatic change and shift. All of these expressions from the river are seen by West as metaphors for how we are tumbled and shaped by life, hopefully to come out of our personal experiences as rounded and smooth as the stones of the riverbed.

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InMurano presents Vetro Reflesso
2015, June 27 - August 7

During summer 2015 glass-factories and individual glass-masters open their doors to show the best of Murano artistic glass!

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30141 Murano presents Murano Masters
2014, October 23 - November 2

Exhibited the Riverstones Collection vade "Transluscent Grey Stone" for the fall show of glass artists on Murano presented by the group 30141 Murano.

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